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Dancing Effect LED Logo Size (Front Grill) and Applicable car models

Dancing Effect LED Logo Size (Front Grill) and Applicable car models

Car Brand Logo Size Applicable models
Nissan 17.6*15cm Yile Y62  Tuda(Some models need to cut parts)
14.8*13cm 13-18 styles of nature, 16-20 styles of blue bird (14.5*13cm)
Honda Exclusively for Elysion 15-18 Elysion
Toyota 19 x 13.5 cm
VW 13.7cm ( Diameter )  12Latest Magotan , 15 latest Sagitar, 15-18 Lavida ,19-Latest Lavida PLUS ,16-Latest Passat ,13-16 Jetta, 16-Latest Bora ,19-Latest Lingdu ,15-20 Golf 6/7/7.5 ,16  Latest Golf Jialu ,15- 19 Lang Xing ,18-The latest Exploring Song
,19 The latest Volkswagen CC ,17-The latest Wei collar ,12-15 Santana ,16-The latest Touran L
Volvo Volvo dedicated 18-20 models S60 16-20 models S90 XC40 18-20 models XC60 16-20 models XC90
Audi 27.3cm
Buick 18-21 Yinglang, 18-21 Weilang, 17-18 high-match GL8, 17-21 Regal, 16-21 LaCrosse, 18-20 Angkewei, all GL6


(Front Grill, No Dancing Effect)

18.5 cm  ( Diameter ) 

FOR 2013-2015

A- Class: W176, A180,A200, A260;

E-Class: W207, E200, E260, E300, E350;

E400 COUPE E500 CABRIOLET W212, E200L, E260L,E300L, E320L, E400L;

CLS-CLASS: C117,CLA180, CLA200, CLA250, CLA260;

CLS-CLASS: W218, CLS300, CLS350, CLS550;

GLK-CLASS: W204, GLK200, GLK260, GLK300, GLK250, GLK350, VIANO (2012-2015)

FOR 2012-2014

B-CLASS: W246, B180, B260

FOR 2011-2014

R-CLASS: W251, R300, R320, R350, R400, R500, C180L,C200L, C260L

FOR 2008-2013

C-CLASS: W204, C180, C200GI, C200K, C230, C260, CGI, C300, C200

FOR 2005-2010

B-CLASS: W245, B180, B200

FOR 2006-2012

GLK-CLASS: W204, GLK220, GLK300, GLK350, GLK500