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Shipping Policy


Physical product(s)/ Item(s): Standard delivery time ranges anywhere from 10-25 business day on average, excluding processing time (1-5 business days at most). Rare instances may cause a delay in your products shipping, and in some cases, you may receive your order anywhere from 2-6 weeks (unlikely). This also depends on your location and local customs authority. Please be patient your items come from all around the world. 

Digital Product(s): All our digital products are downloadable. They are available for downloading immediately after purchase or downlink send by email within 48 hour. 

As we work with other Brands and Distributors, we adhere to a very strict security and fraud prevention system. A 1-3 day delay on your order may also be added if our system detects the possibility of a fraudulent transaction.

Tracking numbers for your products will be sent to you usually within 2-5 business days after purchase. In some instances, it may not show anything, in which case you simply wait a day or so for the tracking code to update.

Please note that the purchaser is responsible for inputting the correct shipping address. If an incorrect or incomplete address is entered/ items return due to customer negligence (such as, customer reluctant pay taxes), we (dailyaccessories.co) will not be responsible for replacing the product or issue refund. The purchaser is also responsible for making sure that the shipping address entered is a secure address for delivery or paying any kind of taxes. We cannot cover the cost of lost or stolen packages or issue refund, nor can we interact with the shipping company to locate your lost package, if the tracking information says it was delivered or is en route to the shipping address or package not deliver due accessing to premisses. If the shipping company shows the packaged as having been delivered, then we will assume that it was delivered and that something must have happened to the package at its destination. 

If a package comes back to us as "undeliverable" or as "insufficient" or "wrong address," or "due to customs (tax)"; 1. Purchaser/buyer will be charged. 2. As a seller, we are not responsible for resend those item(s) and 3. Issue refund to purchaser maximum 20% of total order value.

We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping due to weather or any kind of acts which beyond our control.

Please Note that, If shipping company/tracking update/link confirm that, order has been delivered to shipping address, that will be final. We will not take any responsibilities for your item(s) and we will not reship once package delivered.

Buyer will be responsible for any kind of tax.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to Contact us! Email us  info@dailyaccessories.co